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Car Insurance

Your car is an expensive and precious asset to you. You need to have the peace of mind of knowing that it is protected from damage caused by accidents, theft and fire. You also need to know that accidents caused by your actions to third parties are covered for. Alpha Direct offers the most flexible and value for money personal insurance products in Botswana.


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1) Has any insurer ever cancelled, declined or refused to renew your insurance or imposed special terms? Yes    
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2) Give details of ALL losses or claims suffered in the last 3 years (whether insured or not)    
Type of loss (fire,motor,accident, burglary, etc.), with Year andAmount paid (approx.)    

Vehicle Details

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Year of manufacturing / first reg    
Color Type of overnight parking
Limit of indeminity (retail value) BWP    
Details of any financial interest is credit shortfall cover required?
No of claims in the past year Estimated annual km travelled
Details of Usual Driver      
Name Date of Birth
Are you Botswana Citizen?
Marital Status Date of issue of driver's license and code
Details of any driving offences Details of any disabilities
Is the vehicle to be driven by any person under 25 years of age, or who has held a valid driver's licence for less than two years? If "YES", give details
Registration number of vehicle Protections
If a tracking device is fitted, Name of system and model Device serial no.
Installation date    
Cover required    
Claim free group per previous Engine Number
Vin/Chassis number Name of registered owner of vehicle
Is the vehicle modified or imported if yes details
Who is to drive the vehicle? Do you require car hire cover?
Details of accessories to be covered